Ouch…. Ouuuuuuch

Last night I ended up in casualty after an idiot motorist opened his car door straight into me. Apparently the bright flashing lights and fluorescent yellow jackets weren’t obvious enough…

After 3 worrying – and painful – hours, the doctor confirmed that my arm was not broken, and my bicep (which had immediately swollen up like a bright blue mango) was not torn, but just bruised.

I now sport an AWESOME bruise on my arm, which I’m hoping will be a great source of technicolour enterntainment over the next week. And I’m currently whacked out on codeine – I love the NHS and their free drugs 🙂

I’m also having fun playing “spot the bruise”, as I discover new ones on my body.  Luckily I don’t have any gigs or rehearsals for a while so my arm can recover. And my bike’s OK, as far as I can tell.

This was taken in the hospital. It's less swollen but a lot bluer today!

I’m incredibly thankful that I wasn’t worse hurt.  Apparently last year, 13 cyclists were killed in London – ten of them were women. Even being a careful cyclist (and a careful driver – theharp doesn’t move itself…), accidents do happen.

If you’re a cyclist, you can fill in this risk-taking survey, to help make the roads safer for all of us.  And finally, please PLEASE always check behind before you open the car door.

5 responses to “Ouch…. Ouuuuuuch

  1. Tell me about it. I got rammed on the beltway recently because someone was busy fiddling with her heater not to notice the 5000 cars in front of her who had stopped (and its been back problems since. Hopefully it will be done with in the next few weeks).

    When I cycled in London the average was one car door opened into your bike every 9 months…

    I found learning how to do a parachute jump roll handy in those instances.

  2. Ooowwww!

    You need a bag of frozen peas for that….

    Stupid, idiotic motorist. I’m both a cyclist and driver (in a rural area), I’d hate to do either in the big smoke.

  3. Brendan & Julie

    Have just read your blog, you poor thing, the bruises look horrendous. Hope you are not feeling worse from shock and are starting to get better, have a quiet relaxing weekend with people waiting on you (Richard ?)

  4. Ow! Hope your knitting won’t suffer 🙂

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