The cake quest starts here

Although we haven’t yet set a date for our wedding, I’m already starting to think about the cake.  Oh yes, I’ll be making my own wedding cake. Am I crazy? Has anyone else made their own?

I had some nice ideas about maybe having a musical theme, with musical notes, or even harps and guitars. But Ricky wasn’t keen, deriding it as a bit naff.

Instead, we’ve settled on an art-deco type idea. Probably not as a theme for the whole wedding (I’m not really organised, creative or obsessive enough for that…). I’m thinking of doing one large, square fruit cake with some kind of royal-iced design – probably flooding of some sort, with moulded or piped roses. And then a whole mad bunch of cupcakes decorated by me and all my friends 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been looking for ideas in the world of Rennie Mackintosh. I particularly love his roses.

This is my favourite - I would love to use this kind of design on a wedding cake

What do you reckon? Am I mad to try this? Anyone else made their own wedding cake?

11 responses to “The cake quest starts here

  1. All I would say is practise, practise practise!! Love Mackintosh, will be really effective. You could always use paints to fill in blocks of colour if your worried about flooding. Great thing about fruit cake and fondant is that you can make it in advance so there is no last minute panic about it. Good Luck!

  2. I’m certainly planning on a lot of practice! I think flooding would look wonderful. I might do it as a panel that I can take off and keep before the cake is cut (and have several goes, in case it goes wrong!)

  3. Crowd-sourced cake. That has to be the way of the future.

    I love that idea. I’m sure it’s reasonably do-able. Would all the cup-cakes be more roses? Or is that too much? I suppose cupcake roses could be reasonably easy to decorate.

    I can offer no practical advice whatsoever, but I can share a link to a Mondrian cake. Which has to be the coolest development of Battenburg ever.

    • Heh – that Mondrian cake is 100% win!
      For the cupcakes I think some roses, but mostly a free-for all with sprinkles as I’m hoping to get a team of decorators (ie sisters and bridesmaids…) on the case!
      I’m not really a “co-ordinated everything from the invites to the toilet-roll” kind of girl…

  4. I was looking for some Mackintosh roses to embroider on a blind and duvet cover when I read your article , I think it will be a fantastic wedding cake and much better than a bought one and a lot more interesting too, good luck and happy baking.

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  6. can’t give any advice re wedding cake as we got married 6 weeks after first meeting so cake came fairly low down the list of priorities! but your ideas sound great –
    Just wanted to say I’m really delighted to hear your news – and look forward to meeting Ricky.
    lots of love from us all

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