From big socks to fuzzy feet

After what has seemed like an insufferable eternity, Spring has arrived. Hooray! But before that, back in the evil cold of late February and early March, I was busy knitting slippers. Lots of slippers.

These are Fuzzy Feet (free pattern from Knitty) made from some of the Lambs Pride yarn I bought in Canada:

Fuzzy feet

Errrm, I may have got a bit carried away...

The idea is simple – knit a large pair or socks out of pure wool from the very quick and easy pattern then bung ’em in a hot wash (I think these went in at 60C) and you end up with this:

New slippers for me! If I was any good at embroidery, I would do some on these. But I'm not.

In total, I’ve made four pairs. I’ll be giving them to my friends as gifts, with instructions for home-felting. I dried them on my feet to make sure they were a perfect fit, and they are super-warm and cosy. Which is a good thing, because this is what’s happened to the last pair I made about 4 years ago:

Completely worn through 😦

To prevent this from happening to the new pair, I want to put some suede soles on. But despite a lot of Googling, I’m completely at a loss as to where I can actually buy bits of suede. I’m thinking of getting a cheap handbag from a charity shop and hacking it up to get some leather soles.

What would you do? And do you know where I can buy suede??

One response to “From big socks to fuzzy feet

  1. I think if they lasted you four years that’s pretty bloody good! You can probably buy suede, or fake suede, in a fabric shop.

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