Exceedingly Good Steam – the Sunday Driver movie

Sunday Driver have made a little film! It’s very funny, and features the band and our music – regular readers will remember that we filmed it at the Cafe de Paris last autumn.

If you’d like to see us in the flesh, on Friday 30th April, Sunday Driver are taking over the Forge arts venue in Camden (3-7 Delancey Street) for a whole evening (http://www.forgevenue.org/whats-on/2010/04/jazz-in-the-afternoon-1.php). The gig starts at 9pm.

We’ll be playing a whole range of stuff over the evening, from old favourites to brand new tunes, including a special harp and vocal mini-set from me and Chandy, and some awesome Indian classical stuff from Joel and Goshi. Plus a special guest appearance from uke-toting comedienne Helen Arney.

You can book a table in the restaurant to eat beforehand and get 15% off your food bill. Or just come along for free cupcakes and sugar mice!

Book a ticket here online, or book a table in the restaurant by calling 020 7 387 5959 or email bookings@caponatacamden.co.uk

Sadly, it’s tabla maestro Goshi’s last gig with us before he emigrates to Singapore, so it will be a real celebration of his time with us.

More blurb about the gig (including some cool new photos of the band) here.

We’ve also been busy in the studio, recording demo versions of three new tracks – The Suitor,  In the City of Dreadful Night and Myself.  So instead of enjoying the sunshine at the weekend, we spent it stuck indoors in Rainbow Joe’s Recording Empire (aka his house):

Not many people have a massive mixing desk in their bedroom...

Chandy should probably stick to singing

Watch this space (and join our Facebook fan page) – we may let you have a sneak preview…

2 responses to “Exceedingly Good Steam – the Sunday Driver movie

  1. Hello, I’m a new twitter follower of Kat from America. You English are a very funny, likable bunch. Not an expert on Indian music,but I do have some of the more Western Indian albums of Ravi Shankar.I also have a few songs by Karsh Kale, who does Indian techno.Take care, Ryk

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