Is this picture a bit…well…



This was hanging in our room at the Blue Boar hotel in Maldon, where Ricky and I stayed just before Easter. (Link to larger version)

I spent far too long spouting feminist diatribe about it (basically, it looks to me like the two lascivious sailors are about to foist themselves on the unwilling maidens).  Ricky tried to argue that it was meant to be “smutty fun”, in an end-of-the-pier kind of way. But I found it more unsettling than that. Am I over-reacting? What do you think?

Anyway, Maldon is basically a high street that ends in an estuary, but it’s a pretty town with some nice pubs and restaurants (and a cake decorating shop!!). And the light was fantastic:

Some boats, earlier

The Big Sky

5 responses to “Is this picture a bit…well…

  1. My friend used to live in that cream house at the bottom of the second photo (next to the red one) – it used to be the workhouse for the town! Lovely photos, but see where you’re coming from on the ‘rapey’ picture, it is a little odd…

    • What a coincidence! I was really pleased with the way the pics came out – all hail my new camera! The light was amazing though, the pics don’t really do it justice.

  2. Next time drop in to Southend and have a cup of tea with me !
    Maldon was high on my list of places to go once I got a car, only to discover the knitting shop I’d wanted to visit for so long closed down the week after my third, and successful, driving test. It was still a nice place to visit though.

    • I thought the knitting shop had closed – I had been told to go and look for it, and spent ages walking round and round looking for it. I thought I’d gone mad!

  3. Despite their looks, the ladies carry dire diseases. The men will contract them and suffer horrible deaths over the next few years. Well, one would hope so.

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