Sunday Driver at the Forge

There we are!

So it finally arrived – Sunday Driver’s big gig at the Forge Arts Venue in Camden. Thanks to everyone who came down – it was a great crowd.

We had an absolute blast at the gig, despite the whole night being tinged with sadness as it was tabla player Goshi’s last gig before he emigrates to Singapore later this week.

Of course there were cakes – toffee cakes from  Eat Me (filled with toffee sauce, and topped with Primrose Bakery’s caramel icing), plus my own chocolate spice cakes:

Cakes and mice - going for the Miss Haversham vibe...

My sister Helen acted as compere and got the evening off to a fine start with a couple of songs on her trusty uke:

The divine Helen Arney - aka Annie Fancy

We played two sets and managed to get through a huge number of songs, including my latest new song, Clockwork Tiger:

Just at the end of our first set- a cheeky snap as we left the stage

We’re gutted to be saying goodbye to Goshi (aka Rahul Ghosh) – he first played with us about 6 years ago, then left to go to university, then came back. Yes, we’ve been going that long…

There were at least a few tears when we all said goodbye. It’s the end of an era for sure, but not the end of Sunday Driver by any means. We’ve got the superbly talented Renu Hossain standing in for our summer gigs, and we’re currently looking for a permanent replacement.

So if you know any tabla players who’d like to join us (or, indeed, you are one…), please get in touch!

Goshi's Last Stand - us in our post-gig state. L-R Chemise, Chandy, Scott, Goshi, me, Mel, Rainbow Joe and Joel

4 responses to “Sunday Driver at the Forge

  1. Victoria Redfern

    It was an excellent gig with excellent cake! Thanks very much. 🙂

  2. Ooh, Eat Me ! Have you got this, or did someone else make the cakes ? The library has reserved a copy for me so am hoping to pick it up this weekend.
    See you at knitting club !


    • I hve a copy of Eat me, and made the cakes. I’m not convinced about the actual cakes, though the icing and the filling totally made them.

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