On tour with Belleruche part 1 – Paris

Belleruche on the bill at the Machine du Moulin Rouge

Last weekend I packed my bags and headed off to St Pancras with Ricky Fabulous, DJ Modest and Kathrin de Boer, aka Belleruche.

We hopped on the Eurostar (first class – yay!), snaffled the champagne breakfast and fell out the other end in Paris.

The band had been booked to play at Machine du Moulin Rouge – a large venue under the famous windmill, surrounded by swarming tourists trying to see pretty dancing girls and tiny horses.

The Moulin Rouge in all its glory. Topless ladies not shown

I hung around the streets of Paris waiting for the band to finish soundchecking:

Belleruche soundchecking. No sign of tiny horses

And entertained myself by buying the world’s most expensive and tiny glass of wine:

Europe's most expensive tiny glass of wine - Four euros for that!! Phone shown for scale

The gig was great, though sadly cut a bit short by Kathrin’s cold – she had almost completely lost her voice by the end of the set and still had a gig the next day to think about.

The rock god that is Ricky Fabulous

The lovely Kathrin on stage

Paris was a blast, and after not-quite-enough sleep we caught a taxi through the city and got the train to Rennes for the Rock’n’Solex festival. Read on for part 2…

2 responses to “On tour with Belleruche part 1 – Paris

  1. Forgot to ask – when does the wider world get to see the new shawl ? Any photos ?

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