On tour with Belleruche part 2 – Rennes

Rock'n'Solex festival - not much rock but lots of solexes

Part 1 (Paris) is here

I bloody love French trains.  The TGV hauled Belleruche along with their professional groupie (aka me) from Paris to Rennes in about two and a half hours – a distance of some 350km – giving me the chance to get on with some serious knitting (and then some serious unravelling on the way back, but that’s another story).

Our destination was the Rock’n’Solex festival at INSA Rennes, a university campus just outside the town. It wasn’t a particularly glamorous location and the air was split by a constant irritating buzz, like a very large wasp stuck in a jar. Turns out the noise was made by Solexes – underpowered mopeds that are apparently very popular in France – and the festival is a weird combination of  Solex racing all day and music all night.

I spent most of the day hanging out backstage, trying to catch a glimpse of headline act De La Soul.

The Belleruche backstage portacabin - luxurious!

The band were opening the night, and played a great set including a whole bunch of songs of their upcoming new album. Sadly, although it held out for the gig, Kathrin’s voice sounded pretty much shot to pieces afterwards. Let’s hope she makes a very speedy recovery.

Belleruche on stage at Rock n Solex

We stayed to watch headliners De La Soul, who were utterly awesome. I was a huge fan of the band when I was a teenager, so it was great to see them live. No pics, as I was too busy hopping up and down like a loony and waving my hand in the air.

We had another night of not-enough-sleep, then pootled back home via Paris (first class on the Eurostar again – yay!). I had such a brilliant time, despite having to constantly help the band shift around enormous crates of equipment rather than glamorously swanning about with a cocktail and a superior look like a proper WAG.  And there have been an awful lot of macarons under the bridge. Time to hit the gym, I think.

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