Secret Shadow Orchestra gig at Treacle

Treacle - the Shadow Orchestra's usual haunt

On Tuesday night the Shadow Orchestra played an intimate secret gig to an audience of family (Mary’s), friends (Nick’s) and assorted hangers-on (mine and Chris’) at Treacle, the studio in Shoreditch where we usually rehearse.

It was a great opportunity to road-test new material before our upcoming crop of  gigs – Meadowlands festival on 29th May, Sunrise Celebration on 4th June, Union Chapel on 19th June, Proud Galleries on 30th June and Festinho on 27th August, plug, plug…

We gave new tracks Folkstep and Radiophonic Freakout their first ever airings, along with the latest (last?) reworking of new/old song Bones and a bunch of old and newish favourites, and they all seemed to go down well with the assembled horde.

Here are a few pics of us playing:

And of course there were cakes (and booze…):

Amazing chocolate brownies and victoria sponge cupcakes

The brownies were made according to this recipe, with the addition of a spoonful of espresso powder for added intensity. They were like chocolate crack. Incredibly addictive but so, so, so good.

The cupcakes were vanilla, from the Primrose Bakery cupcake book. I cut a little hole in each and filled with raspberry jam (bought in a plastic squeezy bottle for ease of filling), and topped with deliciously creamy vanilla buttercream, from the same book. They tasted fantastic, but I think they put most of the audience in a sugar coma.


We’ve still got a bit more tweaking to do before our first gig of the season on Saturday at Meadowlands, but I’m really excited about the new set. Yay!

See you in a field!

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