Shadow Orchestra play Meadowlands festival

Meadowlands festival

Meadowlands festival - small but perfectly formed

Back from the first festival of the year, and I’ve just about got the mud out from under my fingernails and had a good snooze.  The festival in question was Meadowlands, a little gathering down in Glynde, Sussex.  We were invited back to play after going down a storm at last year’s SoundHarvest festival on the same site, and we were really excited about playing our new set for such a great crowd.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly to plan. The weather was grey and drizzly, and the crowd was a bit sparse. But we got the tents up and managed to track down some tea and biscuits.

tents at meadowlands

The Shadow Orchestra's tent city - taken the next morning, when the sun actually came out

By the time we got to stage time – 11.30pm – the adrenaline was running high, dampened only slightly by Mary and I having to put our makeup on in the dark and get changed in the back of my car.

The gig went pretty well, all things considered. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but the new tunes went down well (Folkstep and Radiophonic Freakout) and we had a good time despite some rather bizarre monitoring issues on stage.

Following us were the excellent Wave Machines – a band I’ve not heard before but remind me a lot of TV on the Radio. I loved their set, and bought a copy of their album Wave if you’re really there. It does sound an awful lot like TV on the Radio, but I love that so I love Wave Machines. Highly recommended, and a great find.

Wave Machines at Meadowlands

Wave Machines - fantastic band, and really lovely guys

Next week we’re at the Sunrise festival down in Somerset – as is my other band, Sunday Driver and Ricky’s band Belleruche – so that should be a fun family outing (as long as I remember to bring the Shadow Orchestra communal toilet roll).

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