Caption competition – Win stuff!

The pic below was taken at Meadowlands with the Shadow Orchestra last weekend, as Chris Bangs and I demonstrated our hippie dancing skills in a field. I will not comment on whether we were entirely sober by this point…

Anyway – there’s a prize on offer for the best caption. It’ll probably be cakes/cookies/brownes/some knitting/Shadow Orchestra CD etc etc. Leave your caption in the comments below (or on Facebook, for all you Facebookers…):

Do your worst...

Competition closes at midday on Friday 11th June. Judges will be me and Chris. Judges decision is final.

5 responses to “Caption competition – Win stuff!

  1. “As Kat goes for the top slice Chris covers the low ball, but they both know in their hearts they will never get to the Wimbledon final.”

  2. Kat and Chris go head to head in Proctology Hero for the invisible Wii

  3. Kat invokes the powers of the gambling gods as Chris throws the dice… Snake eyes!

  4. Now THAT’s how to set up a tent!

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