Sunday Driver, the Shadow Orchestra and Belleruche at Sunrise Celebration

Sunset at the Sunrise Celebration

It’s now Wednesday and I’m barely recovered from last weekend’s adventure – the Sunrise Celebration down in Somerset. Chris from the Shadow Orchestra also has a little writeup on the band’s blog too.

I can honestly say that was the nicest festival I’ve been to for absolutely ages. It was very hippy (almost too hippy for me – I had to avoid most of one field that was all full of tarot, astrology, chakras and similar gubbins, and I think I was the only woman on site wearing jeans and a T-shirt…) but such a lovely, happy vibe.  And they even got fantastic weather to go with it.

It was a busy weekend for me, as I had two gigs on the Friday night on the Bimble Inn stage. This was a mixed blessing, as I was pretty tired and my hands hurt by the end of the second gig. But it also meant minimum faffing about with the harp, and that I could get stuck into the cider the rest of the weekend:

On the bill twice!

First up was Sunday Driver. It was a bit of a tough gig for us as we had a few problems with the sound, but we played well. Big thanks to stand-in tabla player Renu, who came all the way to the festival just to play the gig and drive back to London again.

Then after a couple of hours I was back on stage with the Shadow Orchestra, playing straight after the amazing Brown Star. Anyone who can play the bass with such aplomb in gold pants deserves respect. They were great, especially their country version of Irresistible Bitch by Prince:

Brown Star - men in pants

The Shadow Orchestra gig went really well – a huge relief after being dogged by power cut-outs just before our set. We celebrated by buggering off to the artists’ carpark and sitting in the back of my Mondeo, drinking Waitrose cider like the poshest teenagers ever. Brilliant fun 🙂

I don’t remember much else about the evening except copious amounts of pig and cider. Mmmmm, hog roast… As a result, the next morning was not pretty. Being boiled alive in a tent at 7am with a cider and pork hangover is an experience I’m not keen to repeat:

The morning after

After the rest of the Shadow Orchestra had gone back to London, I reunited with Sunday Driver, who were chilling in the carpark again (honestly – I swear I didn’t spend the whole festival in the carpark!). They were using Joel’s car as a kind of reverse sauna, sitting inside it with the air-con on.  Not very hippy at all:

The Sunday Driver reverse sauna

Then Belleruche turned up:

Ricky Fabulous and DJ Modest drink herbal tea and contemplate buying some tie-dyed trousers

They played a blinder of a set on the Chai Wallah stage that evening, and a slightly more random set at the Bimble Inn much later…

Belleruche onstage at Chai Wallah's

Other highlights included an awesome beatboxer – I didn’t catch his name, but I think it was Vid Warren. Seriously, he was AMAZING:

Vid Warren at Chai Wallah's

I also loved The Correspondents – I’ve seen them a few times before, and got to chat to them backstage. They’re such lovely guys, and their act is brilliant:

The Correspondents - hip hop and tapdancing, what's not to love?

No more festivals for a while – the next one is the Secret Garden party in July, where I’ll have FOUR gigs over the weekend (two with each band). Phew!

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