Socks in progress

It’s been a while since I posted any knitting-related stuff here. I’ve not been able to do much knitting as my RSI is playing up, and I’m having to avoid too many unnecessary movements. Though I’m not really sure that knitting counts as unnecessary…

Here’s a pair of cabled socks that are nearly finished. With a bit of luck, I should manage to get them done over the weekend.

And here’s a close-up of the cable pattern – thanks to the Pickled Weasel for pointing out the existence of my macro button and enabling me to take pics like this. I’m such a doofus at photgraphy.

Guess who's found the macro button on her camera...

It’s a super-simple 2-stitch cable that you do without a cable needle. Dead easy, and I promise to share the pattern and the technique when they’re done.

I also have an enormous and troublesome shawl to blog about, but I don’t want to show it to the world until I’ve blocked it properly. It’s currently rolled into a ball and shoved in a chest with some mothballs. Bloody moths. I need to buy some blocking wires, which will be a (not very exciting) adventure, I’m sure.

So, crafty and creative types out there – what have you got on the go? Knitting, crochet, sewing, crafting, cooking, songs, poems, books, stories… Share your creative ventures – and maybe it’ll help you to finish them faster! 🙂

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