Music on Mondays: Digitonal – Silver Poetry (live at the Union Chapel)

Old bands are like old boyfriends. You remember the good times – the times you literally made beautiful music together – as well as the bad times (the sniping, the irritating habits, the farting…).

Sometimes there’s an acrimonious split and it all goes to crap. And then sometimes you just move on but manage to stay friends. Hell, you might even get together and jam occasionally, just for old times’ sake (though you don’t ever tell your new band!)

Digitonal was one of the good relationships. Technically, I’m not sure that I ever left the band – we just drifted apart.  Andy had a baby, Samy got busy with touring, and I couldn’t make the time for rehearsals and gigs. They’re still going in some form though.

The band has just released a “new old” album of existing material, the excellently titled Be Still My Bleeping Heart, and I saw them play live recently at Cafe Oto in Dalston. Andy and I are also plotting some secret recording sessions (shhh! don’t tell my other bands!) so who knows what will happen.

Here’s a video from what was probably one of the best gigs I ever did with the guys a year or two back. We played at the Union Chapel to a wonderful crowd, luxuriating in those incredible acoustics. This is Silver Poetry – check the harp solo!

2 responses to “Music on Mondays: Digitonal – Silver Poetry (live at the Union Chapel)

  1. i hadn’t seen this before.

    it be right lush.

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