Naked scientists – explosive stuff

A volcano

Hot stuff!

Although you may find it hard to believe, I don’t actually blog about everything I do.  I’ve been a bit remiss about flagging up the Naked Scientists show, which I co-present every couple of weeks.

Last Sunday’s show was a corker, all about the science of volcanoes. I don’t know about you, but learning about these explosive wonders of the natural world was something that really turned me on to science as a kid. They’re just so cool! Or rather, really really damn hot.

Find out why scientists are drilling into a volcano near Naples (hint – it’s not to build an evil underground lair, despite my repeated insistence), and how one woman is bunging a gravity meter and heading off to ‘weigh’ Icelandic volcanoes. There’s also a fab – but very messy – kitchen science experiment involving cola and wallpaper paste.

Plus in the news, we cover off arm-wrestling sabre-tooth tigers, cancer stem cells, multicellular fossils, centenarians, and how to ‘core’ an atom with the world’s most powerful laser (sadly not located in a secret lair under a volcano).

The podcast is available to listen from the player below or download from the Naked Scientists site:

Naked Scientists 040710 (mp3)

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