Hello Crawley! Sunday Driver go on tour

..and by “on tour”, I mean London and Sussex. For a weekend.

Last weekend saw Sunday Driver embarking on a (possibly foolhardy) escapade of three gigs in two days.

First up, a private party in Brighton. Thanks to Joel’s superb organisational skills, we managed to bag bargain train tickets, and even get everyone to arrive on time for the correct train.

The party was set in a lovely garden, with a fantastic audience and generous (and gorgeous) hostesses.

Sunday Driver garden party

I only wish my garden was as nice as this. Instead, it's full of bindweed and fox poo

Sadly, we couldn’t stay to enjoy their munificence, as we had to hot-foot it back to London to play at the Steampunk Sizzler at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. There was a dodgy moment when it looked like our train might be cancelled because of a faulty toilet, but the powers that be decided that the travelling public could do without loos.

Sunday Driver - Joe, Scott, Chemise

Scoot, Joe and Chemise up to no good on the train

The Steampunk Sizzler gig was great – sadly it was really dark so none of my photos came out.  It’s a brilliant feeling to play a gig where everyone’s dressed up (so we don’t feel quite so freakish), and the audience dances enthusiastically to all the songs.

Special mentions to the amazing spider dancers and the extremely bendy Polish girl. We hope to see everyone at the Asylum in September up in Lincoln for more fun.

The next day, we made our rendezvous at Crawley Mela, somewhat tired and emotional.

Sunday Driver Crawley Mela

Who the hell are Sunday Drive?

Tabla player Amit got stuck in traffic, but luckily (albeit frustratingly for the rest of us) our stage was running an hour late, so he made it in time for the gig.

Sunday Driver - Joel and Mel

Joel and Mel discuss the set list. "So this is the bit where we burst out of the pods, and then the model of Stone Henge comes down from the ceiling, yeah?"

It was a rather odd audience, ranging from stern-looking Indian matriarchs to bouncing babies. Here they are, patiently waiting for our soundcheck:

Crawley Mela

The crowd at Crawley Mela

We had a good time, although we were a bit screwed by the non-appearance of the drum kit we’d been promised.

Anyway, our two crazy weekends are over now, and we’re officially on holiday for two weeks. Yay!

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