Book review – Dance your way to psychic sex, by Alice Turing

Dance your way to psychic sex by Alice Turing

Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex is available to buy now - click here

“After all… we easily believe what we ardently desire to be true”

Before I begin this review, I have a confession to make – I know Alice Turing.  This makes it impossible to read her book without imbuing it with her voice, mannerisms and immense flair. The first time I met this woman was at a festival, whereupon she produced all the requisite parts of a tequila slammer from the pockets of a voluminous furry coat. For this, she deserves my undying respect.

So it’s only fitting that Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex is an energetic riot of a book, packed with mind-bending mentalism, New Age nonsense and cross-gender bed-hopping. The heroine of the story is Henrietta – an obsessive single mum with a desperate need to belong. Starting a new life in Hebden Bridge (which seems to be unfeasibly groovy in this incarnation) with her young son, she’s accosted by Tawny, a strange hippie.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Tawny is a practitioner of psychic dancing – a craze that’s sweeping the nation.  It’s simple – grab your partner, tune into The Spirit and just let it move you. Then it gets even more interesting. Henrietta’s neatly ordered life is quickly invaded by busty lady-love interest Belle; Leo, Belle’s cynical and embittered mentalist boyfriend (always in the shadow of TV magician Daryl Black – do you see what she did there?); and Denzel, Leo’s gay bit-on-the-side.

Their paths twist and turn, with plenty of sex, drugs, surprising coincidences (or are they?) and magic tricks along the way, culminating in a grandiose showdown live on TV at the Albert Hall. The characters vacillate wildly about the truth of psychic dancing – is it just a trick, or is there real ‘magic’ there? – and swell and surge with violently conflicting feelings.  While it’s true that in reality we’re all a slippery mass of contradictory emotions at any time, it gets a little bit confusing when you’re trying to get under the characters’ skins.

Overall, I loved the concept of psychic dancing, and the galloping plot.  It’s witty, with snappy dialogue and some beautifully-crafted lines. The simmering sexual tension between Belle and Henrietta ramps up the adrenaline, capturing the confusion and excitement of an experimental relationship. There’s a sweet descriptive scene where Henrietta drops her uptight guard and experiments with ecstasy, and I was also really drawn to the character of Tawny, whose role as a comforting ‘mother hen’ lends stability to the ups and downs of the rest of the gang. And there are interesting parallels between Henrietta “coming out” as a psychic dancer, and Leo coming out as gay.

Everything turns out more or less neatly in the end – perhaps a bit too quickly and neatly for my liking – as coincidences are rationally explained away, and Henrietta finds the long-lost father of her son, as well as a pack to finally belong to. And like that tequila slammer in a sunny festival field, in this book Alice Turing has produced something that has certainly cheered my day up.

Dance your Way to Psychic Sex is being produced a a limited edition hardback print run, and is available to buy from Alice Turing’s website.

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5 responses to “Book review – Dance your way to psychic sex, by Alice Turing

  1. Hurrah, I’m so glad people have been enjoying the book. Thankyou for your support! Now all I need is some sleep…

  2. Just received a copy myself. That’s tonight’s writing shot down in flames. And either another sleepless night, or tomorrow night’s writing too will be sacrificed to enjoy it. Early night, warm bed, crisp clean sheets mimicking the crisp new unturned pages of a book. Oooooh, I love a good book. I adore a great book. And from the first few pages this one is heading rapidly towards adoration :0)

    And I’m not only saying that because I know Alice too. Or because of the lovely dedication. Such things do not influence my analytical, critical mind. Money, on the other hand…

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