Knutsford city limits… Epic journey sweepstake, win stuff

Hannibal on an elephant

Unlike Hannibal, I will be making my epic trip in a Ford Mondeo, rather than by elephant.

While many people are taking it easy over the bank holiday, kicking back with a few beers in the garden or relaxing with friends, I’m embarking on an epic adventure.

Not satisfied with 5 gigs in 3 days in one place, I’m attempting 4 gigs in 5 days at different ends of the country.

And to make it more fun, there’s a competition involved. Read on to see how you can enter.

Here’s the plan:

So, the competition is this: simply guess how many miles I will drive between leaving Hackney on Friday morning, and getting home on Tuesday.

The person with the closest answer will win stuff including: homemade cookies,  the new Shadow Orchestra EP, a Sunday Driver EP, and a bunch of other stuff I can find around the house or in the shops near work. In the case of a non-UK resident winner, they just get CDs and small things…

To enter, just leave your guess in the comments below – the winner will be announced when I’ve recovered on Tuesday night. Any top tips about how to stay awake while on an insane driving adventure will also be gratefully received. Also – please come and see us play!

And yes, I know we never announced a winner for the last caption competition – I’ll sort that out ASAP I promise…

15 responses to “Knutsford city limits… Epic journey sweepstake, win stuff

  1. I’m guessing 418 miles.

  2. 694 miles

  3. 622

  4. 703 miles, definitely maybe 🙂

  5. Laura Fridaysdream

    696 miles

  6. 820 miles!!

  7. 673. Good luck with it!

  8. 725 miles. It’s a nice round number.

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