And the winner is…

The results are in from my insane, epic festival weekend.


That is a looooong way

In the end, I notched up 800.5 miles from front door to front door, including a detour to Congleton Kwikfit (more of that later), a few laps round the Greenbelt carpark, and a quick jaunt up Pitstone Hill to walk my Mum’s dog. Amazingly, I did the whole thing on just over a tank and a half of diesel. I *heart* my Mondeo’s fuel efficiency.

So this means that the sweepstake winner is Nell, with her guess of 820 miles, just pipping Gina to the post (777 miles).  Nell wins some CDs  and homemade goodies, and probably some random knitwear too. Well done Nell, and thanks to everyone who played along.

Pics and blathering about the weekend to follow shortly.

2 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. I’d been wondering what kind of vehicle was necessary for Harp transportation 🙂 I love my Mondeo, too – stuff just fits in it.

    • Yeah – Mondeo estate TDI FTMFW… it’s awesome. Though the people at CarGiant thought I was mad as I tried out so many cars by lying down in the back of them to see if they were big enough.

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