Shadow Orchestra play the Big Chill House

Shadow Orchestra big chill house

On the bill at the Big Chill House

Kicking off an epic weekend of gigs, The Shadow Orchestra played the Big Chill House on Thursday night – courtesy of Nick Luscombe’s Flomotion night – and went down a storm to a lovely, up-for-it crowd.

The BCH is a bit of an odd venue, being half-full of post-work besuited shouty drinkers, and half-full of people who are there for the music, both live and DJs.  I’ve been to see a few friends play gigs there, and the live music sound has been consisently dire.

It was clearly never designed as a live music venue – for a start, the DJ booth is larger than the stage – and the low ceiling over the pokey stage area creates an unpleasant soundbox in which cymbals reverberate painfully.

Shadow Orchestra BCH soundcheck

Soundchecking. Yep - There's definitely some sound there

All that said, the sound engineer was wonderful (and patient!) and managed to get a pretty good sound out of us all, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the gig. We’ve just got the physical copies of our new Remaker EP, so it was nice to be able to sell them to the crowd (and steal one for my mum).

Shame about the pissing rain, and the bit where I had to stand bedraggled in a parking space for twenty minutes while Chris went to get the car. But hey, we got to eat pizza!

Shadow Orchestra pizza

Eating pizza before the gig. Rock and roll...

All in all, a good night, and a promising warm-up for the weekend ahead. Huge thanks to Nick Luscombe for inviting us along, and to Ginny Terry at Beat Unique for fixing it all up.

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