Janelle Monae at KOKO

My housemate Duck (half of the excellent Bam Bam Sound DJs and podcasters) has been banging on about Janelle Monae for ages, and now the rest of the world seems to have caught up. So a week or so ago I trotted along to KOKO in Camden to see her, and it was ace.

Supporting her were hipsters Wolf Gang, who sounded a bit like Aha doing covers of the Cure. I liked their home-made light-cube thing, which was just on the right side of crappy to be cool:

Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang. They had trendy hair.

Janelle herself was awesome – I just love her blend of prog R&B, for want of a better description. Her voice is incredible, although the effect was slightly spoiled by the rubbish sound mix.  At some points you could barely hear her over the band, although she was clearly belting it out.

I missed a lot of the stage action and her famous dancing, as I’m barely 5 ft tall and couldn’t see anything. But there was a great atmosphere on the floor, and I really enjoyed the gig. I also loved the little Janelle-a-likes in the audience, wearing tuxes and tap shoes. So cute 🙂

Janelle Monae at KOKO 1

Janelle Monae, belting it out

Janelle Monae at KOKO 2

What a voice! Cool guitarist too, like Andre 300 crossed with one of the Muppets (this pic taken by Duck)

6 responses to “Janelle Monae at KOKO

  1. According to an article it actually was Andre 3000!

  2. You really do too much on your blog here. And it is good. I liked it.

  3. it was kellindo, not andre 3000. lolz

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