Two weddings and a knees-up

Another busy weekend, but rather than gigging I was playing my last wedding bookings of the season.

First was Angel and Giles, whose wedding was in the very plush setting of Ashdown Park Hotel in Sussex:

Ashdown Park Sussex wedding

Ashdown Park. Dead posh.

There was even a helicopter! (though I don’t think it belonged to any of the wedding guests):

Ashdown park helicopter

Beats getting a taxi home any day.

They were really lucky with the weather, and although the Autumnal chill did get to my fingers by the end of the outdoor service (resulting in a  bit of a fluff during their exit music), the sun shone and I managed to nab a glass of champagne while I played during the reception drinks. This was also the first wedding I’ve been at with its own Twitter hashtag. Very modern.

Then the next day I drove across London to play for Lisa and Daniel at their wedding at the Carlton Mitre near Hampton Court:

Carlton Mitre wedding

Nice Muriel, as my mother would say.

Again, the weather was lovely, although I learnt my lesson from the previous day and kept my fingerless mitts on while I played during the drinks on the terrace:

Lisa Daniel Carlton Mitre

The happy couple - awwwww!

Then instead of having a quiet night in like a sensible person, I headed out to the Big Chill Bar off Brick Lane to provide moral support for my housemate Duck (half of Bam Bam Sound) while he played records. This extended to little more than hoovering up free drinks and shouting requests for him to play Justin Bieber (don’t ask):

Duck Bam Bam big chill bar

Duck doing his thing. The blur behind him is Ricky, headbanging.

It was the Brick Lane festival, and the whole area looked like the apocalypse had hit it – broken glass and piss everywhere, people wandering about in the streets moaning and drooling…

Anyway, we had a brilliant time – though clearly not as brilliant a time as this girl.  She was awesome:

Girl at Big Chill Bar

Who is this woman? She's ace.

3 responses to “Two weddings and a knees-up

  1. I have a question:

    Was Giles anything like the Giles from Buffy?

    It is nice to know there are venues similar to the Krazy House outside of Liverpool: I thought Wood Street was alone in such distinctness. Do you sometimes do work up here in the hinterlands?

    Oh yeah, I did a wedding once. Too much of a shameless plug to link twice from here in one comment…will tweet you the link in a mo.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

    • Despite the Buffy-esque names of the protagonists, Giles wasn’t particularly like Giles the librarian. And there were no demons from another dimension, at least as far as I could tell.

      I once played at a folk festival in liverpool – never again. I’ve gigged all over the place with bands, but the furthest I’ve gone for a wedding is Birmingham. Much further than that and it becomes too expensive compared to a local harpist.

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