Belleruche album launch at Bloomsbury Ballrooms

Belleruche album launch running order

Running order for the night

Living with a musician isn’t the glamorous rock’n’roll lifestyle it’s cracked up to be. It mostly involves staying up late waiting for them to come home from rehearsals, buying endless sets of spare strings (I work near a guitar shop) and listening sympathetically to seemingly non-stop whingeing.

Ricky has been running himself ragged the past few months, setting up Belleruche’s US tour (*fingers crossed*) and helping to plan the launch of the band’s third album – 270 Stories (Tru Thoughts) – at the Bloomsbury Ballrooms last Friday. I guess there’s a slight perk to it, as they invited the Shadow Orchestra to support them at the gig.

In the ongoing saga of my hand problems, I actually woke up that morning pain-free for the first time in a couple of months. Then managed to lamp my bad hand into the bedroom door by accident, bruising the tendons and setting things back to square one and making me worry I wasn’t going to make it through the gig. And then I badly banged my other hand on a chair during our set. Typical! (They’re both feeling a lot  better now though)

The venue looked amazing. Tim from Belleruche had spent weeks creating massive cut-out ravens, and the whole place was packed with fairy lights and projections – to say nothing of the gorgeous sexy lady ravens fluttering about in their corsets, feathers and hotpants…

The Shadow Orchestra were really lucky with the sound, and played a great gig to a lovely warm crowd. Sadly, the sound for the rest of the night wasn’t so great.

The Correspondents’ set was a bit quiet, and Belleruche were dogged by terrible sound problems (although it did sort itself out towards the end of the night). I really felt sorry for them – an album launch should be a fantastic party, and instead it fell a bit flat.

Anyway, I still had a really good time. Here are my pics and wittering from the night:


Kirsty and Ruth

Stage manager Kirsty and DJ Fancygirl hanging out backstage



Denise and mary

Mary from the Shadow Orchestra and a lovely lady called Denise join Belleruche for their track 3 Amp Fuse



Belleruche album launch

Belleruche doing their thing



Belleruche typewriter

I got to do a brief cameo performance on the typewriter during new track Ginger Wine



Kirsty Ian Correspondents

Kirsty hanging out with Ian from the Correspondents. She'ss a brave lady - he was pretty sweaty at this point



Backstage Shadow Orchestra

Yet more hanging around backstage - this time, The Shadow Orchestra and our (slightly pregnant) posse



Ravens Belleruche launch

The beautiful ravens making themselves even more beautiful



Helen arney

My sister Helen. It's OK - she's a professional comedienne, she's allowed to look like that...



Belleruch launch brownies

And - of course - there were chocolate brownies for the performers and crew. I made these with half Maya Gold choc, for a lovely spiced taste.


Brownie recipe here – use 100g Maya Gold choc and 140g plain dark choc.

The real downer of the night for me was the fact that I lost my beloved cake tin. If anyone found a blue Roses chocolates tin backstage at the Bloomsbury Ballrooms, it’s mine!

Were you there? What did you think? Did you have fun? And did you get tickled by a raven?!

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