Home-made party rings

I’ve had a few goes at making flooded iced cookies before – witness the pink ribbon cookies, pumpkin cookies, awesomely nerdy Watchmen cookies, Shadow Orchestra cookies, Christmas tree cookies, and hearts and butterflies.   It’s a technique I love, but don’t often get time for.

I recently bought a copy of a new book by the incredible Biscuiteers (down to £9 on Amazon – go buy it!!) – they do beautifully hand-iced cookies by mail order – and have been inspired to have another go.

I was really taken by the collection of retro-style biscuits, and had a crack at making my own party rings. I think they came out pretty well:

Party rings

Party rings cookies

Although not all of them did…

Party rings fail

Party rings FAIL

The pink ones didn’t work so well.  I made the flooding icing too stiff, and it started drying too quickly.  It always surprises me how runny it needs to be – around the consistency of double cream.

I’ve still got some cookie dough in the freezer, and I’ve got a rather special idea up my sleeve for some Hallowe’en cookies… Watch this space.

6 responses to “Home-made party rings

  1. Well worth waiting for – these look fab ! Nice photos too.

  2. I bought some homemade raspberry jam when I was up in Preston about six weeks back – going to use it to do some baking hopefully before this month is out.

    If you’re doing anything similar or have ideas do say so – obviously a stock and trade sponge is good, but if the already eaten greengage jam purchased from same lady is anything to go by…could make a bloody good pudding.

    The real reason I’m here is to offtopicly inform you that your minor claim to Internets fame Wanky Balls has a mention in Private Eye which is out in stores tomorrow.

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

  3. party rings suitable for vegetarians! i, for one, would purchase.

  4. Kat I’ve just received the ‘Bourke Street Bakery’ cookbook (http://amzn.to/bTP5mq).

    It’s fantastic: fabulous sourdough, olive oil and yeasted breads; pastries; pies and rolls; cakes and biscuits and desserts.

    Some of the recipes are a bit faffy, but sound principles and great ideas, I really love it.

    • That book’s definitely on my list to buy/ask for for Christmas. I have so many baking books now but I just love them!

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