Skeleton cookies for Hallowe’en

In between ploughing through enormous piles of laundry and swearing at video file export formats last weekend, I made these:

Skeleton iced cookies

Skeletons! Thousands of 'em!

They’re a little stumpy, due to the unfortunate anatomy of my gingerbread man cutter, but suitably spooky for Hallowe’en, I think.  Also, they’re very simple to make, compared to how impressive they look.

Here’s a little video I made, showing how I iced them – also testing out my new tripod. The music is Black Spider, by my band Sunday Driver: (NB I’ve replaced this with a new version with much better audio. Apologies – I’m still learning how to do this stuff…)

I think this one is my favourite – he’ got a cute smile, but I diagnose a poorly-healed femur…

Smiley skeleton cookie

Technical specs:  Vanilla sugar cookie recipe from Peggy Porschen’s Pretty Party Cakes.  Royal icing made from a packet mix, mixed to a pretty soft Soft Peak stage (a bit too soft, I think), number 2 writing tip.

4 responses to “Skeleton cookies for Hallowe’en

  1. danny hypnotones

    i’m going to have a crack at making these – hopefully it’ll earn me some brownie points at home.

    brownie points – geddit? ah never mind…

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  3. brilliant! You’ve inspired me…AGAIN! Cx

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