Music on Mondays: Sunday Driver – You Only Steam Twice

A bit nepotistic, but I’m really excited about this! Sunday Driver have a new DVD EP, thanks to Julian and the wonderful people at EyeSeeSound. Here’s a taster:

And here’s the blurb –pre-order your now to get your name in the inlay – ooooh!

Sunday Driver are pleased to announce the release of their debut live DVD: You Only Steam Twice. Recorded August 2010 at the Luminaire in the heart of London, the five track ep showcases an exclusive new track: The Suitor and re-workings of favourites from their debut album, In the City of Dreadful Night.

Until November the 24th the DVD version is a pre-order, where everyone who orders it will get their name added to the inlay artwork of the DVD. You will get immediate access to the mp3s and the digital versions of the live session and the DVD itself will be shipped on December 7th,  in time for Christmas post internationally.

DVD: £5 + postage (£1, £2.10, £3.50 – UK, EU, US). Instant access to digital version

Digital version: £2.50 includes mp3s @ 320kbps, iPhone/Pod version of live session tracks. Desktop version (1280×720) of live session tracks

Pre-order your copy now!

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