Bimbling socks – with pattern

I finished these socks a while ago but forgot to blog about them. Because they were mostly knitted at the Sunrise and Meadowlands festivals earlier in the summer, I’ve called them “Bimbling socks”, after the Bimble Inn stage at Sunrise.

Bimbling around

Here’s the pattern, hope it’s at least vaguely accurate. It’s pretty easy if you’re familiar with socks, and the mini-cables are fun.

Bimbling Socks, by Kat Arney

To fit an average lady-foot.

You will need:

  • 100g sock yarn (I used less than this)
  • 1 set 2.5mm dpns
  • 1 set 2.75mm dpns
  • Embroidery needle


Knit into the second stitch on your needle, then manoeuvre your needle round and knit into the first stitch (without slipping any stitches off the needles in the process). Slip both stitches off the needle togther. I’ve done a few pics at the end of the post to show the process.


  • K=knit
  • P=purl
  • Sl=slip 1
  • K2 tog=knit 2 together
  • SSK= Slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches togther
  • P2tog= purl 2 together


Cast on 64 stitches onto 2.5mm dpns, join for knitting in the round.

K2P2 rib for 25 rounds

Change to 2.75mm needles

Knit 2 rounds of K2P2 rib.

Next round, mini-cable, p2, repeat to end.

K2P2 rib for 3 rounds

Repeat pattern: 3 round of rib, 1 round mini-cabling until leg is as long as you want – I did15 repeats of the cable pattern.

Heel flap: Shuffle the first 30 stitches of the round onto one needle – you’ll do the heel flap on these. Put the other 34 stitches on another needle and ignore them for a bit.  On the 30 heel stitches: Sl1, K29, turn; Sl1, p29, turn. Repeat for a further 28 rows.

Turn heel: K17, SSK, K1, turn. Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn. Sl1, knit to 1 stitch before gap, SSK, K1, turn. Sl1, purl to 1 stitch before gap, p2tog, p1, turn. Repeat in this way until all stitches are used up. You should have 18 stitches left from the heel flap, ending with a purl row.

Pick up and knit 20 stitches along the side of the heel flap (I like to pick up quite a few in the ‘gap’ between the gusset and the instep), knit 34 stitches of cable pattern across instep (maintaining pattern as before), then pick up and knit another 20 stitches up the other side of the heel flap (92 stitches).

Gusset: Knit to 2 stitches before the first purls of the cable pattern, K2tog. Knit 34 stitches of cable pattern, maintaning pattern as set, SSK, knit the rest of the round.

Next round: knit all stitches of sole and gusset (split across 2 needles), knit 34 stitches of cable pattern across instep (on 1 needle).

Continue as set, decreasing on alternate rounds until you’re back down to 64 stitches in total.

Continue for foot, plain knitting over 30 stitches of the sole, and cable patterning over the 34 stitches on top of the foot until the foot is about an inch or so shorter than the foot of the intended recipient, ending at the end of the cable pattern section.

Decrease for toe: Shuffle your stitches so that the first and last purl stitches of the cable pattern are moved onto their neighbouring needles. You should now have 32 stitches on the needle for the top of the foot, and 16 on each needle for the bottom of the foot.

Beginning with the last purl stitch of the cable pattern, (K1, SSK, K26, K2tog, K1) twice. Knit 1 round. (K1, SSK, K24, K2tog) twice, knit one round. Repeat decreases as set to 32 stitches (16 on top needle, 8 on the other two – move these stitches onto 1 needle, so you have 16 on each).

Graft toe stitches (see instructions here) and sew in the ends.

Knit second sock to match, obviously…

Mini-cable mini-tutorial:

Knit into the second stitch on your needle first - it's a wee bit fiddly, so make sure you've gone right through the stitch

The second stitch has been knitted - don't slip any stitches off the needle

Then manoeuvre the point of your RH needle round and knit into the first stitch as you would normally

Both stitches have now been knitted (the new stitches are on the RH needle). You can now slip the two 'used' stitches off the LH needle


5 responses to “Bimbling socks – with pattern

  1. I printed off this post and showed my Mum, who has been knitting probably before you were born. Unless that is you’re quite a well preserved woman.

    The only problem she described was interpreting the stitch you show in those little pictures at the end. She got confused with the second image as to what type of stitch you did, but is going to try to make a pair on what she thinks is correct.

    That won’t be for awhile though. It’d be great if you could clarify what’s depicted in those photos. As with the boozy cake which I’ll be doing after I move in about a fortnight I’ll happily link you to a picture of the hopefully bimbletastic results.

    At this rate I’ll have to make a Picasa album titled ‘Kat Arney inspirations’, haha!

    Pete, editor at Dirty Garnet.

    • Wow – I hope she gets on OK with the pattern. I’ll try and take a little video of the mini-cable, or some better pics now I’ve got a tripod. It was quite hard to knit and photograph myself at the same time.

  2. Those mini cables look great – I understand your instructions too 🙂

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