Shadow Orchestra and Revere at the Tabernacle

Tabernacle - revere and Shadow orchestraThe Shadow Orchestra were thrilled to be invited to support epic 9-piece orchestral pop outfit Revere at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill last Thursday, rounding off a fantastic year of gigs.

We’re heading into our secret underground recording bunker to finish off our upcoming album for the next few months, so we won’t be gigging again till the Spring.

But what a way to go out! The Tabernacle is an amazing venue – a converted church with great acoustics (and proper dressing rooms!). We played one of our best ever gigs to a fantastically attentive crowd, and had a great time.

Revere also played a blinder, including two (two!) toy pianos, a harp (mine – their harpist Camilla borrowed it), more guitars and keyboards than I could count, a string section, and a massive bass drum.  I loved it.

Revere at the Tabernacle

Revere getting all epic

Here’s a video of one of our new tracks, Folkstep, filmed at the gig:

And a couple of snaps from backstage. I really wish I’d been there for the night outlined in this running order pinned on the back of the dressing room door – I’m intrigued by the concept of a singing gynaecologist…

Running order

Nick Shadow, hanging around backstage:

Nick Shadow

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