A hat for Duck

More knitting – this time in the form of a hat for my housemate Duck. There’s a back story here, because Duck’s mum bought him a nice warm knitted hat for the winter. It was a bit baggy, so Duck (for some inexplicable reason) decided to iron it. It didn’t help, and the hat ended up impossibly big and unwearable.

So I agreed to make a copy. Ta da!

Duck hat


He’s under strict instructions not to iron it πŸ™‚

Here’s a rough approximation of the pattern:

A hat for Duck


  • King Cole merino DK – 1 ball each in black, clerical and aran.
  • 16 nch 4mm circular needle
  • 1 set 4mm dpns


  • Cast on 120 stitches in aran.
  • K2p1 rib for approximately 11.5cm (roughly 36 rows).
  • Reverse direction (ie so it looks like it’s p2k1 on the outside), switch to clerical and knit around for roughly 9cm (approx 26 rows).
  • Switch to black. Knit around for roughly 8.5cm (approx 24 rows)
  • K2tog all the way round (60sts remain)
  • Knit 10 rounds.
  • Switch to dpns. K2tog all the way round (30sts remain).
  • Knit 5 rounds.
  • K2tog all the way round (15sts remain).
  • Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches, pulling tight to close.
  • Sew in ends, sew on bobble pilfered from original hat.

5 responses to “A hat for Duck

  1. the logic was that if you wash wool too hot it shrinks. So I thought washing it and heating it up by ironing might do the same. I should have asked an adult really.

  2. I like that very much. Just finishing my gnomey hat at the moment but I think this might be a good christmas present for my bro. Just hoping I have an yarn with equivalent tension somewhere in my stash…

  3. That is a good hat!

  4. Also, my Mum didn’t buy the original one, Just for accuracies sake.


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