Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra and JimBob at Dingwalls

MFMO Dingwalls set list

The set list - click to embiggen

[No Music on Monday today – instead, a gig review]

Last week I had a fun diversion from the stresses of album-writing and office-moving, in the form of a gig with the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra at Dingwalls in Camden.

It was a brilliant night – probably the best gig I’ve done with the orchestra so far – featuring a set of original MFMO songs (courtesy of the incredible musical imagination of composer Martin White), a selection of songs from Gutted, a “Revenger’s musical” performed at Edinburgh this summer, and a set featuring the orchestra along with the legendary JimBob (out of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine).

First up was support act the Graham Mearns band. They sounded great and I wish I’d paid more attention, rather than scuttling about backstage wondering if (or rather when) I was going to throw up my dodgy Chinese takeaway.*

Graham Mearns Band

The Graham Mearns band doing their thing

The MFMO set was good fun, and I managed to count most of my parts correctly. This is the main reason I don’t do orchestral work – I can’t count for shit. There wasn’t much room to move on stage:

MFMO on stage at Dingwalls

MFMO on stage at Dingwalls. Not much room to move.And there was even a gong! How cool is that?The gong. Just brilliant.

Next came three songs from Gutted, featuring JimBob, Helen George and the Penny Dreadfuls. Apparently there’s going to be a semi-staged, fully-orchestrated performance of the musical in London next Spring, so watch this space. Judging by what I heard, it will be a really fun night.

JimBob then took to the stage for a quick acoustic set on his own, then came back after the “Unstoppable Fax Machine Overture” (Martin’s clever Tchaikovsky pastiche featuring melodies from Carter hits) for a crowd-stirring performance, complete with singalongs and bubble machines.

JimBob Carter USM

The mighty JimBob

Here’s a cheeky backstage pic:

Amy Butterworth backstage at Dingwalls

The lovely Amy Butterworth, tarting herself up backstage at Dingwalls

And the MFMO the night before during rehearsals:

MFMO Rehearsing

MFMO rehearsing - not a lot of room here either

*It did stay down in the end, but it was a close run thing…

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