Fakeisle socks

I can’t quite believe how long its taken me to finish this pair of socks. I started them way back in the early summer, but stopped knitting for a while when I started having problems with my hands. But according to my specialist, knitting is apparently OK! Still took me several months to get them done though…

Mum's Fakeisle socks

The pattern is loosely taken from Wendy Johnson’s new book, Toe Up Socks for Every Body. I personally don’t much like toe-up socks, so I adapted the pattern to my usual toe-down method. I wish I’d done a different heel though, as the standard heel flap/gusset technique I usually use looks a bit flabby. And nobody wants a flabby gusset now, do they?

I also whipped up a  pair of plain ol’ vanilla socks. I’m quite pleased with the way I managed to match up the self-striping yarn in both socks.

Mum's socks

Both pairs were destined to be my mum’s new welly socks  – she’s modelling them in the pics above.

My parents recently suffered a house fire, and in the ensuing damage, chaos and cleanup, the last pair of welly socks I made her went missing. The whole family is still coming to terms with what happened. New socks aren’t much, but I guess they’re a start.

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