It’s going to be an awkward Christmas, Darling – Helen Arney and Paul Richards

Imagine if Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood had made a Christmas album together… Lo and behold:

My sister Helen is the actual properly talented one in the family, and she and Paul have put together a brilliant Christmas album full of charm, wit, and true Christmas spirit – namely arguments about the telly, breakups, humiliation at the office party, and malevolent snowmen.

And as if that wasn’t enough incentive for you to go and buy one right now, they’re also donating £1 from every sale before Christmas Eve to the charities Shelter and Cancer Research UK.

Buy yours now, and then buy some more as presents! You can download from iTunes, or buy a limited edition CD that comes with all kinds of extra festive tat like tree decorations, a party hat and some chocolate.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s Going to be an Awkward Christmas, Darling by Helen Arney & Paul Richards, with Martin Randle and special guests Terry SaundersTom McDonnell & Kat Arney*

One family’s uncomfortably suburban December 25th, perfectly captured in 11 original songs. Stories of holiday disasters, endless games of Monopoly, traditional family arguments and an irrational fear of snowmen all conspire to make your Winterval sound wonderful.

Out now on and limited edition CD: 

Watch a specially made video by Terry Saunders, with more added throughout December:

Listen to tracks online at:

Live album party 20th Dec in London, with Robin Ince and more:

*Yes, of course I’m playing on it. But remember, harps are for life, not just for Christmas…

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