EXTERMIKNIT! The awesome knitted Dalek

This is probably the coolest thing I have ever made in my entire life:

Knitted Dalek


I knitted the cuddly evil overlord for a friend’s child – who is apparently a Dr Who obssessive – from this awesome pattern by Penwiper. Turns out there are plenty of Dr Who fans on Twitter as well (who’d have thought it?!) and my Twitpic of it got a huge response.  If only I’d known that the way to generate a huge following was not to witter on about music and cakes, but to post about Wanky Balls and knitted Daleks…

Anyway, this was a fun but tricky knit, with a whole bunch of techniques thrown in – provisional cast-on, corrugated (2-colour) rib, bobbles, i-cord, grafting, knitting a plunger and so on.  It took 2 balls of King Cole Merino (one blue, one black), 4mm needles (16 inch circular and dpns) for the body and 2.75mm dpns for the appendages. Be warned – there was barely any of the blue yarn left by the end, and luckily I think I accidentally missed one of the long blue rows at the beginning, otherwise I might have run out.

The finished Dalek is impressively large, standing at around 9 or 10 inches high, and he looks even more awesome in real life than in the pics.

Happy Christmas, Lucas – hope this brings you much joy 🙂

Knitted Dalek 2

I love the expression on his furry, evil face

PS: No, I’m not selling them. No, I won’t knit you one. Knit your own, or bribe another knitter to do it.

10 responses to “EXTERMIKNIT! The awesome knitted Dalek

  1. I love this so much! Your Dalek is even better than the ones show on the pattern web site.

  2. Extermiknit – love it! That really is a lovely piece of evil overlord work there. It’s gorgeous 🙂 When I was growing up I was one of many small children to be found hiding behind sofas when the Daleks made an appearance. I think this might go some way towards rehabilitating them.

  3. That’s made entirely of yarny WIN. 🙂

  4. This has made my day. It’s lovely. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Awesome. Katie and I both love this!

  6. He’s so… cuddly! Surely that’s a space-time conundrum of some sort, right there, a cuddly darlek? I am beyond impressed that you managed to interpret the trickiness of such a pattern. 🙂

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