Wishing you a joyful Christmas

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of happiness and cheer. For me, it’s summed up by this year’s cake, which I nearly forgot to decorate at all in the run-up to the festivities.

Christmas cake 2010

Tech spec:

Cake made according to the Delicious magazine recipe here. Decorated with a layer of marzipan stuck on with agave syrup, as I didn’t have any apricot jam. Coated with 2 layers of royal icing. Still a bit uneven but better than last year’s attempt (and not helped by my housemmate dropping a Mars bar on it…). Sugar-paste ivy leaves, dropping-shaped holly berries and wonky piping are all my own work. The flowers are shop-bought.

Wishing you a joyful Christmas, however you celebrate it. Here’s one of my favourite Christmas songs. It’s not cheerful at all, but it is utterly beautiful.

3 responses to “Wishing you a joyful Christmas

  1. Dearest Kat,

    You know I’m not one to compliment anyone in the band for anything, least of all you or Mel… but that’s some well good calligraphy there on that cake… some might say a three letter word is a bit of a cop out… but not me , I think it’s awesome.

    in fact I’m gonna eat some more food to celebrate!

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