Like a Christmas pizza…

…Deep pan, crisp and even. Ho ho ho!

I went home to see my parents for Christmas. Because of the fire they had in their house back in the autumn, they’re currently staying in a cottage in the next village.

On the minus side, this made the holidays quite fraught as my mum valiantly wrestled with an oven and kitchen half the size she’s used to in order to produce a delicious feast for us. But on plus side, the place backs directly on to rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

The sun gloriously came out just before lunch on Christmas day, lighting up the whole landscape and turning the sky a beautiful colour. So I escaped sprout duty and nipped out in my wellies to take some snaps. I’ve never seen snow like this in my living memory, let alone at Christmas.

Ivinghoe winter scene 1

Ivinghoe hills


May all your Christmases be white (unless you’re actually trying to get anywhere by road, rail or air…)

4 responses to “Like a Christmas pizza…

  1. I feel a bit odd about posting comments here as no one else seems too! I am suffering from cabin fever though so I hope you don’t mind!
    The snow where I am living in Luxembourg is more then a meter deep in places and I think it’s wonderful.
    I shall go for another walk this afternoon to see if I can spot some more deer as they are so easy to track in the snow, wish I had a camera!
    Happy Christmas to you and all the Naked Scientist team, I think what you all do is fantastic and you have all given me some desperately needed enthusiasm.
    Enjoy the Alpine weather and watch out for those icicles!

    • Thank you! (some people do post comments here, it’s just a bit quiet!)

      We certainly can’t compete with a metre of snow, although I did walk in a drift that came over my wellies this morning. Crazy – I can’t ever remember snow like this.

  2. I see you have been tracking Fox prints in the snow although It could be a Dog as I have no reference to size. I’ll stick too my instinct though and say Fox.

    I’m a bit lost at the moment in many ways, I can totally empathise with that Fox in the garden.

    It’s fantastic that you manage to do so much with your time and I find this inspiring. My degree is in Conservation & Forest Eco-Systems but so far I have failed to put this to good use!

    I have found it so rewarding posting my crazy questions on the Naked Scientist Science Forum and just about had palpitations when the team addressed a couple of the questions over the last two Cosmology shows!

    This Blogosphere is all very new to me and I feel somewhat overwhelmed that you have taken the time to respond to my comment.

    I was given the option of subscribing to your posts, so I thought I would do and see how it works, was easy enough really.

    • Thanks for your comments – the paw prints are fox, judging by where we found them and the patterning. Thanks for subscribing – I think it means you get my waffle directly to your inbox! Best wishes and happy new year,

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