Crafty Christmas

Just a quick roundup of some of the crafty gifts I gave this year at a lovely dinner party hosted by our friends Paul and Megumi.  So much absolutely amazing home-cooked Japanese food (and plum wine) that we practically rolled onto the bus home.

Socks for Amy:

Socks for Amy

Socks for Naomi. These were knitted right down to the wire – I was literally out the door to catch the bus the second I had weaved in the ends:

Socks for Naomi(possibly not the socks’ – or Naomi’s – most flattering angle. Really need  blocking too. Naomi, not the socks.)

A cute crochet hat for Megumi:

Megumi and Naomi

Marzipan moons (marzipan discs dipped in melted Maya Gold chocolate):

marzipan moons

Apologies for the slightly fuzzy pics. I blame the surfeit of Japanese plum wine and hot sake…

4 responses to “Crafty Christmas

  1. I love marzipan so much!

  2. The sake’ made the photos fuzzy or is it the plum wine? Or worse, both?:) I love sake! Arigato!

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