Top posts of 2010


Has it been a year already?

Tens of thousands of you have visited this blog over 2009 – a fact that I find simultaneously gratifying and terrifying in equal measure. Thank you to everyone for stopping by, for reading, for commenting, and for passing it on.


Because every bloody blogger seems to be doing one of these (or more, in the case of the wildly prolific and utterly fantastic Ed Yong), here are the top posts on my blog over the year, as judged by page visits.

  1. Winning by an enormous margin is the infamous Wanky Balls story – when my eagle-eyed spot in the Independent during a sleepy trip on the Eurostar led to huge Twitter and blog pickup. Wanky Balls even became a trending topic – probably my proudest moment all year.
  2. Next, my post “On football, or why the BNP ruined the World Cup for me” was an unexpected hit, prompting some of the more err… interesting characters from the internet to crawl out and accuse me of being bigoted because I don’t like racists. Genius.
  3. In third place, my tribute to Michael Jackson – a harp version of Billie Jean – got a surprisingly large number of hits earlier in the year. But how quickly we forget! It gets hardly any now…
  4. Fourth, my list of good things and bad things about Canada, written after a trip to see my sister and her family in Toronto. Most people come to this post by searching for “Bad things about Canada”, so I hope I can put them right in some small way.
  5. Next, a short post on cancer stem cells, which I wrote to point people to the blog I write for my day job at Cancer Research UK. I don’t often get my geek on over here, but this was an exception.
  6. On Fantasy vs Reality” was intended as a humorous and affectionate parody, which got taken the wrong way and caused a bit of a storm in a teacup (£12.50 on Etsy!). I think some people maybe need to read more Craig Brown….
  7. I get an unexectedly large number of hits to my paean to my new Kenwood Chef mixer. Many of these came just after Christmas, proving that there are some very lucky boys and girls out there.
  8. Because –  as we all know – the internet is for porn, checking in at number 8 is a post I wrote about my impressive haul from Toronto’s yarn shop, naively titled “Feeding my wool fetish“. If I didn’t know about search engine optimisation when I started this blog, I certainly do now. Topless Britney Spears!
  9. In at 9, a written version of my debut standup routine, looking at the real 7 signs of ageing. It’s funny, you should go read it 🙂
  10. And scraping into the top 10 is my legendary recipe for Chocolate Spice Cakes, made with Maya Gold chocolate and the most delicious buttercream icing you will ever try. Thanks to @jackpot73 on Twitter for actually trying them out!

Have you got any top tens of 2010? What’s been your favourite moment of year? Tell all in the comments below.

One response to “Top posts of 2010

  1. More posts re knitted Daleks, DIY foodstuffs, and the like please. The podcasts are pretty smart as well.

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