Resolutions for 2011 – WIN or FAIL?


Miserable... err I mean Happy New Year!

As I explained last year, I hate New Year’s Eve. As a chronic over-achiever, all I can think about are the things left undone and what I have failed to do  – whether through negligence, through weakness or my own deliberate fault (ooh, hello quasi-religious guilt!).

This year I made the error of trying to shake off the NYE blues by heading to the pub with some friends to mope about like a soggy dog and be force-fed Jagerbombs, rather than my usual habit of skulking at home with close friends and Jools Holland.

Here are last year’s resolutions, which I pretty much failed to achieve despite being significantly scaled down from previous years. In 2008 I even went as far as making a quite terrifying spreadsheet, detailing all the things I needed to achieve every week and month for the year. I gave up by about April.

2010 resolutions:

  • Finish novel and send to agents/publishers – FAIL. Managed to write about 6,000 more words though, and had a very helpful discussion with someone about the plot and character development.
  • Learn to use Ableton audio software – FAIL. I am still no wiser.
  • Write 5 songs – FAIL. Although I have written 2 albums in collaboration with the Shadow Orchestra and Sunday Driver, so I think that’s probably WIN overall
  • Keep blogging regularly – WIN!
  • Do some more standup comedy – I did one 5 minute set, so that counts as WIN, I guess.
  • Play as many gigs as possible with the Shadow Orchestra and Sunday Driver – definitely a WIN including the crazy 5-gigs-in-a-weekend Secret Garden Party and the 800-mile road trip
  • Take better photos (just bought a new camera – wooo!) – You be the judge – did I WIN or FAIL?  I’ve definitely been working on taking better pics.

So – what am I going to fail to do this year?

The big one is to shop less. I resolve to only buy clothes, shoes and cosmetics on a strictly one-in-one-out basis.  If I buy a dress, I have to get rid of a dress. If I buy new shoes, I have to chuck a pair. If I buy new lippy, it’s because I’ve finished one – not because I’m bored of the ones I’ve already got. And to make it harder, I’ve just cleared out my wardrobe in preparation.

Here’s the rest:

  • Finish my bloody novel
  • Write some songs – hell, even one song would be good
  • Practice cake decorating, in order to make my wedding cake
  • Lose a stone and get in shape by following the rules in this book
  • Stop biting my fingernails. Again. Every bloody year.
  • Release two albums and gig as much as I can
  • Keep blogging
  • Get married!

Will I do it? We’ll see… But that’s enough about me. What are your resolutions for 2010? And do you think my photos have got better?

6 responses to “Resolutions for 2011 – WIN or FAIL?

  1. So that’s 5 wins and 2 fails? You need to adjust your attitude lady! 😉

  2. I think you should do less in 2011, your blog title admits that you do too much!

    My resolution is to meet more people, I moved a few months ago and know almost no one in Aylesbury, going to try out the running club next week, the poker club the following week, and also check out the High Wycombe Skeptics in the Pub group. Hopefully by Feb I will actually have some friends!

    • Hmm – having left Aylesbury several years ago, I’m not sure there are many people there worth meeting… 😉
      Only joking – good luck with it! There’s some ace walking to be had out towards Tring in the Chilterns.

  3. If I do nothing else but give up smoking that will be 100% WIN.

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