Your chance to make film history: Sunday Driver’s pocket movie

Sunday DriverMy band, the award-winning Sunday Driver, are looking for aspiring cameramen/women (well – more like anyone with a videophone…) to help us make a video. Here’s the low-down:

Location: Our gig at the Corner House in Cambridge

Date: Saturday 12th February (Evening)

Brief: Using your phone video camera, we want you to film Sunday Driver playing the gig, and film yourself and the rest of the crowd having a good time. Footage of you getting ready to go out and traveling to the gig would also be useful.

We’ll be using it to edit together for a promotional video to be uploaded onto Youtube and shared with our fanbase across the world! Join us on Facebook and Twitter to discover more about Sunday Driver and what we’re up to this year (it’s very exciting!).

Everyone who submits video on the night will get a free copy of Sunday Driver’s last album “In the City of Dreadful Night” or our new DVD “You Only Steam Twice”. Digital submissions after the show will be rewarded with MP3s.

Things to remember:

·         Test your camera and video function before you get to the gig. Try it first!

·         Turn on the sound. Make sure it’s on!

·         Use HD quality if you have it and widescreen (16 by 9)

·         We would like as much useful footage as possible

·         Film a bit of you getting ready and traveling to the gig

·         Filming tips:

o    Try not to move your camera around a lot as things get blurry…

o    Hold the shot i.e. film something for a while and then move onto the next thing but keep it as steady as possible.

o    Get close up!

·         Remember to give us your footage after the gig. We’ll be connecting to a laptop via USB so bring any necessary adapter for your phone

·         Make sure your phone is fully charged as filming is battery intensive.

Go for it! See you at the gig 🙂

2 responses to “Your chance to make film history: Sunday Driver’s pocket movie

  1. Thanks for the tips! My friends were also planning to take a video of their gig to be uploaded in YouTube and I was assigned as the cameraman so your tips will be very helpful.

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