Sock for the day

Sock for the day

Sock for the day

Twitter is a funny thing.  A week or so ago I found myself in the Green Room at Radio 4, in my day-job capacity as a spokesperson for Cancer Research UK.

As is my habit, if I have any downtime (in this case, waiting for BBC Radio Berkshire to get their act together…) I’m usually found with some knitting in my hands. On this occasion, it was a rather fetching dark/pale green striped sock.

Unbeknowst to me, this led to the following tweet from Radio 4’s Nick Sutton (editor of World At one, among other things): “Just popped in to the @r4today green room to find a bishop and a lady knitting a sock.”

Having established that I was the knitter, rather than being the bishop, the Radio 4-following Twitterati then demanded pictures of the sock, updates on the sock’s progress, hand-knitted socks of their own, and even the replacement of Thought For The Day with Sock For The Day.

Sadly even at my prolific speed, I can’t knit a new sock every day. However, the stripey socks are finished, along with a lovely mint-humbug-coloured pair for Ricky (which ended up being knitted twice – long story, can’t be bothered to explain but it involves blind optimism and bad maths).

Socks socks socks

More socks - not quite one per day though

At the top of the pic, you can see the embryonic form of the next pair. These are going to be Bimbling Socks – although checking against the pattern, I see I’ve already made them too wide. Damn.

4 responses to “Sock for the day

  1. I like the stripey sock – worthy of Radio 4 listeners’ interest I would say!

  2. I recognise those celebrity socks! Lovely to meet you last night. I now have a new mantra: don’t be scared, it’s only string.

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