I *heart* cake

I meant to post these to coincide with Valentine’s day, but I forgot. Or I’m just not very romantic.
Love heart cake 1

These are cupcakes that I made for last week’s Sunday Driver gig in Cambridge, and for a photoshoot with the Shadow Orchestra, which coincided with drummer Dave’s birthday. The pics from the shoot look great – I’ll post a few up soon.

They’re plain old vanilla cupcakes (recipe from Eat Me), cored and filled with strawberry jam, and iced with vanilla buttercream (recipe from the Primrose Bakery). I decorated the ones for the gig with a few sprinkles and some Love Heart sweets, as we had a Valentine theme. I can report that they were totally yummy.

To fill them, I used an apple corer to cut out a hole in each cake, then squirted in the jam using a plastic icing bag with a large hole cut in the end.

Love heart cakes 3

The filled cakes, waiting to be iced.

Love heart cakes 2

3 responses to “I *heart* cake

  1. They look gorgeous and what a great idea. Did you have to warn everyone about the jam though?

    • The jam was a surprise – it was a request from Dave for his birthday cake (he asked for strawberry sponge, but at this time of year jam’s a much better bet than real fruit…) I have no idea whether people liked them at the gig, but the all vanished and I didn’t see any squished into the floor afterwards!

  2. Those look absolutely amazing!

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