Shady Ladies podcast 7: All melodrama, big guitars, and…errr…Stevie Wonder

In this month’s podcast we bring you a world exclusive – no, not the new Radiohead album (although we’ve got a track off that too) but the first outing of a new work in progress from the Shadow Orchestra, fresh out of the mixing desk.

Listen now through the clever player below:

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We’re still hard at work in the studio finishing up our album so in the meantime please enjoy our rag-bag selection of tracks, from 90s dance classics to an epic bebop jazz workout. Thanks to everyone who sent in requests. We’ve managed to get a couple in – the rest either fell victim to Kat’s temperamental broadband or were vetoed…

Also we’re introducing a new feature – solo of the month, celebrating the lost art of the instrumental solo. Leave your suggestions for future candidates (and any other requests) in the comments below.


  • Anna Calvi – Suzanne and I
  • School of Seven Bells – Babelonia
  • Shoes – Stay The Same (Isolee remix)
  • Pop Will Eat Itself – 92.F (The 3rd Degree)
  • The Fuzztones – 1 2 5 (request from Ricky Fabulous of Belleruche)
  • Harry’s Gym – Attic
  • The Beatles – Good Morning Good Morning (Solo of the month)
  • Gonjasufi – She Gone
  • Liz Green – I Do Wrong
  • Tunng – Hustle (request from Fran in Argentina – hi Fran!)
  • Radiohead – Bloom
  • Vision of Trees – Sometimes it Kills
  • Shadow Orchestra – Direct Out (work in progress mix)
  • Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
  • Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me
  • 3rd Bass – The Gas Face
  • Digable Planets – Jettin’
  • Stevie Wonder – Love Light in Flight
  • Thelonius Monk – Epistrophy

Here’s a Spotify playlist with some of the tracks – enjoy!

<font color=”#333333″ size=”-1″><a href=”″>Download this episode (right click and save)</a></font>

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