Adventures of a time-travelling prostitute

Apologies for the blog silence lately – I would like to claim it’s because I’ve been busy (which is true). But I have also discovered that Nathan Fillion exists in the universe, and have been endlessly watching Castle, Firefly, Slither, Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog etc etc etc and relentlessly stalking him on Twitter. Obsessive? Moi? Either way, this is a piteous excuse for a post.

Anyway, I was delving through my hard drive for some pictures of the last Sunday Driver photoshoot, because we needed some high quality press pics for a Very Exciting Thing, which will hopefully happen later this year (cross fingers, stroke lucky rabbit foot).

Everyone in the band got individual pics done, and I just found mine. They’re pretty cool, even though I look a bit like a time-travelling prostitute. So, not so much publicity shots as self-publicity shots.  Enjoy…

Photos courtesy of the amazing Cat Clifford at Catarina Photography – such an awesome talent.

Kat and Mel from Sunday Driver

Me and bassist Mel. He remains unconvinced of my charms

Kat Arney from Sunday Driver

Yours for a shilling and a bag of pork scratchings

Kat Arney from Sunday Driver

In retrospect, I should probably have ironed that shirt a bit better

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