The week in Green rooms

I’ve had a pretty crazy week, both in and out of work. Outside, I’ve been working on a super-secret but Very Exciting project. I can’t talk about it yet (if I’ve told you, please don’t spill the beans, as I’m terrified it’s all going to fall through) but here’s a hint:

Cuddly toys

And I’ve also been pretty busy in my capacity as a spokesperson for Cancer Research UK. We had a big story out on Wednesday with the launch of our SunSmart campaign, showing that rates of skin cancer have g0ne up dramatically in young people.

I ended up doing a fair bit of media work around it, including Daybreak and the Radio 4 Today programme. As a massive R4 junkie, it was such a thrill to be on the show, even though I had to get up at 5am. Here’s a rather blurry shot of the Today green room breakfast trolley:

R4 Today

You can Listen Again to me burbling to Evan Davies about skin cancer, sun and sunbeds on the Today website.

And today I was pressed into service again for a story about the links between alcohol and cancer. This meant yet another 5am wakeup call to turn up on the BBC Breakfast sofa. The Green room is suprisingly small. And also blurry (new cameraphone, sorry):

BBC Breakfast

You can laugh at my appearance here on the BBC website, where I explain how you “drink alcohol down your face” and talk about “large pints of beer”. In my defence, it *was* early…

Then I was off to the Sky studios at Millbank:


Swiftly followed by BBC News channel:

BBC Millbank

And then a cab ride from hell across the city in the boiling sunshine to film with Channel 5 outside a pub in Richmond. No photos from that, although I think I got some duck poo on my bag.

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  1. I’m a scientist, love pink!

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