Shadow Orchestra play Simple Things, Bristol

I had a brilliant time on Sunday playing with the Shadow Orchestra at the Simple Things all-dayer in Bristol. It was an incredible lineup, and we were thrilled to be sharing the bill with some awesome bands.

Highlights for me were our gig (of course!), Gonjasufi, Nova Robotics and Jon Hopkins. I’m gutted I missed seeing Daedelus as he was just amazing when we supported him at the Luminaire a couple of years back. But it was late, I was exhausted, and the crowd was getting a wee bit too wasted for my liking.

Here are some pics I took during the day:

Simple things running order

The backstage running order

Shadow Orchestra soiund check

Sound checking

Set list

My set list. It makes sense to me.

Shadow Orchestra kit

Chris's ever-growing stack of equipment

Shadow Orchestra Bristol

Tearing it up on stage

Shadow orchestra Bristol crowd

The crowd goes wild

Nova Robotics

The excellent Nova Robotics. Two guys, two guitars and a laptop. They were LOUD


Gonjasufi - Awesome psychedelic hip-hop

Simple Things VIP

Hanging out in the VIP lounge with Ricky Fabulous from Belleruche - our roadie for the day

Simple things

I'm not even sure who's playing here

Jon Hopkins

The amazing Jon Hopkins


That's one hell of a blister

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