Shadow Orchestra play Favela Chic

On Thursday night it was time to chuck the harp in the car again and head off to Favela Chic to play with the Shadow Orchestra at Dom Servini’s Wah Wah 45s night. We’ve been trying to play at one of his nights for ages, only to have diary clashes and babies get in the way, so this was a long time coming.

I was pretty excited about the gig, as I love the venue, we were the only band on the bill (so we got a proper soundcheck! Hurrah!), and we had been promised dinner.  It didn’t disappoint.

Favela chic

Check out the crazy decor at Favela Chic

From the minute I turned up, managing to bag a parking space right outside, it was great.  It makes such a difference getting a decent chance to set up  and soundcheck without being rushed by other bands or having to squeeze in round their equipment:

Favela Chic soundcheck

Soundchecking. The infamous Shadow Orchestra banner makes an appearance

And (in my humble opinion) every gig venue should provide dinner for their acts.

Favela Chic shadow orchestra

Mary, Dave and NickShadow contemplate their empty plates. Room for third helpings?

I even experimented with a new hairdo especially for the occasion – here’s my very first attempt at a pseudo-Paloma Faith-style quiff. Needs more height, I think:


Why yes, I did take this in the ladies toilet. However did you guess?

It’s been a busy week so I didn’t have enough time or energy for making cupcakes, but I did back some choc-chip cookies for our fans. They were sooooo tasty and vanished in about 30 seconds:

Choc chip cookies

We played a blinder of a gig to a fantastic crowd. I swear I thought we were going to take the roof off during Sweet as a Nut. Huge thanks to Dom for the booking, to Simon the Soundman, to Favela Chic for their hospitality and tasty pasta, and to everyone who came down. Top night all round.

It’s been a bit of a mental week for me, with 5 gigs – Simple Things, Favela Chic and a live radio set with the Shadow Orchestra, as well as two solo harp gigs (a charity function and a wedding). My fingers are a right old mess at the moment – check out these blisters/callouses!

More blisters

A recording of my rendition of Sex on Fire by the Kings of Leon (as promised to my Twitter followers) will have to wait – I’m hoping to be able to rest my hands and arms for a few days as it feels like my old nemesis RSI is about to resturn with a vengeance.  What’s the betting I actually manage it?

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