On the naming of bands, or Help! Please send vowels!

Shadow Orchestra

New Rule: You can only call youself an Orchestra if you have a harp.

Over Christmas, the Shadow Orchestra went through a minor identity crisis and wondered if we should change our name.

When Chris formed the band more than 5 years ago, “Something” Orchestras were rare and wondrous things. Today it seems that any four-piece with a violin and an 808 can call itself an orchestra.  None of them have a concert harp, dammit!

We did briefly toy with the idea of going along with the current craze for disemvowelling band names – SBTRKT, MSTRKRFT,MGMT, XTC, PHBNDG (I may have made one of those up).

How about SHDW RKSTR? Or maybe just go with the vowels: AO OEA?

Anyway. Although the idea of changing our name has been parked for the time being (mainly because no-one would go along with my suggestion of “The Amazing Kat Arney Band” and I didn’t like anyone else’s ideas), I thought I’d throw it open for some Friday fun.

What do you think we should change our name to? And what’s the best band name you’ve ever heard? I’m going to go with Funsize Lions, which is an awesome name.

6 responses to “On the naming of bands, or Help! Please send vowels!

  1. Try picking 2 or 3 random words from a book, I will try it for you now (With a copy of Professor Stewarts Curiosities book)…

    “Renowned Cycloid”

    Problem solved!

  2. I am still on the Don’t change side of the fence, but I’ll have a thunk 🙂 x

  3. I really don’t think you change it. the fact that there are other “orchestras” is irrelevant. You’ve taken a long time to build the band up and, unless there were some legal dispute over the name, changing the name does nothing but harm to the presence that you already enjoy. It’s a massively regressive step. Pay the other orchestras no mind. you’re not really likely to be confused by them musically, and The Shadow Orchestra is still a great name.

    I’ve often wondered if I should change the name of Digitonal, especially for things like the acid house sidelines that I’ve done (http://soundcloud.com/digitonal/box-relief), and the shifting lineup etc, but it just feels regressive to do so. Strongly feel now that I should stick by my name and my body of work for better or worse.

    That said, if I were to form a new band, I would totally call it Dead Television. You can have that for free ;o)

    • It’s really tricky – we do get mistaken for other bands (particularly the Hidden Orchestra), and also our sound has changed a lot. Hmmm. Aaaargh.

      Though in the process of brainstorming I did come up with an awesome name for a pub rock covers band – The Meat Sweats.

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