Music was the winner…

Shadow Orchestra at the Old Queen's Head

This doesn't really capture the full neon glory of Mary's outfit.

I’ve put a few pics and blether about Tuesday’s Shadow Orchestra gig at the Old Queen’s Head up on the band’s blog, including some hot shaker action and Mary’s excellent pink jumpsuit.

What you can’t see is my bright red face and strained back after getting the harp up the annoyingly twisty staircase.  The OQH is currently ranking at number 4 in my “Top 10 worst staircases for harps ever”.

Although we played an absolute blinder to a fantastic crowd, I have to say I was left a little hollow by the experience.

When we agreed to do the gig, there were four bands booked – most of whom were given slightly snarky writeups on the Facebook event page by the organisers. Ours was as follows:

“The Shadow Orchestra construct cleverly crafted soundscapes of ambient music you can melt to. But can they re-create that dreamy atmosphere live?”

Slightly unfortunate, given that we haven’t really sounded like that for four years, but hey ho.

However, there was a late addition to the bill. Unlike all the other bands, their writeup went as follows:

“ADDED TO THE BILL: The [Band that dare not speak its name]! We’re thrilled that [redacted] could make it to the next round of the Road to Standon and are looking forward to his performance on Tuesday.”

Guess who won?

To be fair, I’m not really bitter about it (any more, at least). We played really well and pulled a fantastic crowd that had come along to see us.  Onwards and upwards, I say. The album’s nearly finished and the mixes sound incredible. I can’t wait 🙂

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