Music on Mondays: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Etiquette

I just got back from the World Steam Expo in Dearborn (more of that later…).  While I was there, I got to properly meet the UK’s other finest Steampunk band, the excellent (and charming) The Men That Will not Be Blamed For Nothing.

My band Sunday Driver supported them at a gig ages ago, but I spent the entire time panicking because half the band was missing and then had to leave before their set to get back to a scientific conference. Rock and roll!  So it was great to get to know them (great blokes all round, with excellent taste in rum) and actually hear them play.

Unlike Sunday Driver, they’re a proper punk band – none of this harp and spoons nonsense. They played a proper blinder of a gig, and I may have even done a little bit of refined moshing at the back.

So I present for you today the first track off their recent album, Now That’s What I Call Steampunk! Volume 1 (Spotify link). Check it out, it’s well worth a listen and is already a firm fixture on my summer playlist.

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