Cutest. Band. EVER: Kuricorder Quartet, Fruli Schu and Sunday Driver at the Good Ship

Good Ship billing

On the bill at the Good Ship

Bit late with this, but I’ve been off on my travels (Detroit, Somerset, Pitstone and Cheltenham – Rock and Roll!).

Here are a few pics from Sunday Driver‘s last London gig at the Good Ship in Kilburn, warming up for our trip to the World Steam Expo.

Thanks to the vagaries of London Underground (I swear, if the Tube network isn’t running like a fucking Swiss cuckoo clock by 2012, I’m demanding my tax back) it was rather sparsely attended, which is a damn shame as the other acts were *amazing*. Of course, we were brilliant too, but that goes without saying.

We arrived early and hung around for ages, making the place look untidy.

Sunday Driver equipment

I swear we never used to have this much stuff, and that doesn't even include the harp.

First up was Mahoney and the Moment, a charming vocal/guitar duo:

Mahoney and the Moment

Mahoney and the Moment - I'm not sure which one's which.

Next, the aptly named Gemma Dunlovely, who got the small but perfectly formed crowd warmed up with some heartfelt tunes:

Gemma Dunlovely

The lovely Gemma Dunlovely

Sunday Driver played next – we had a great time and people seemed to really like our set. That may also have had something to do with the cookies and brownies I made for the audience…

Next up were the totally awesome Fruli Schu, who kicked it out of the park with their Mike Patton-esque, energetic set. By the end of it, the guitarist was rolling around on the floor – now that’s what I call commitment to the cause.

Fruli Schu

The awesome Fruli Schu

There was a bit of down-time while the final band set up.

Sunday Driver

Our sound engineer Joe tries to amuse Scott and Amit with some hand-puppets

Last on the stage were the Kuicorder Quartet, introduced by comedian and DJ Iain Lee. They’d just arrived from Japan, and were literally the cutest band ever, from their moptop haircuts to their enthusiastic (but somewhat broken English) explanations of their songs.

From the word go, the audience was entranced. Playing an assortment of recorders, guitars, percussion and melodica, their music was utterly joyous. I particularly enjoyed theie cover of the Beatles’ I’ve just seen a face. And their rendition of the Imperial Death March from Star Wars was about as sinister as a gambolling baby Tauntaun.

Kuricorder Quartet

The Kuricorder Quartet. Supercute and utterly enchanting

Kuricorder Quartet

Check out that bad-boy contrabass recorder!

A brilliant night all round. Shame on everyone who thought about coming but didn’t – you missed out an on incredible live music experience.

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